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SmartOffice Best Practices Series - The Opportunity Module
The Opportunity Module is one of the best kept secrets in SmartOffice. And yet those who master this module can use it to organize some of their most tedious processes. In this Best Practices session, you will learn how to build an opportunity workflow and make it work for you.
SmartOffice Best Practices Series - A Day in the Life of An Advisor
Follow along as we demonstrate how a financial advisor could use SmartOffice to schedule calls and meeting with clients and prospects during a typical day. We’ll show how SmartOffice creates an audit trail for tracking meetings and tasks, and how the advisor would review and append notes.
SmartOffice Best Practices Series - Tips and Tricks for Advisors
This session is a compilation of shortcuts employed by many advisors around the country. Learn how using the policy and investments feature gives you the ability to see every asset owned by a client in a snapshot. Create notes and tasks specific to a policy or investment position. Learn advanced searches, updating key relations, working with households and client lists, and everyone’s favorite – keyboard shortcuts.
SmartOffice Fast Class: SmartSecurity - User Assignments and User Groups
Learn how to assign SmartOffice users to specific contacts, businesses and other records. Also, learn how user groups can simplify certain tasks that normally involve selecting users individually.
SmartOffice Fast Class: Pending Tasks Report
Want a way to track the progress of tasks among multiple SmartOffice users? Assigning the Pending Tasks Report to the home page is a great way to know at a glance who completed their responsibilities.
SmartOffice Fast Class: SmartSecurity- Introduction
SmartSecurity is a set of rules that regulate data visibility for SmartOffice users. This class is for the SmartOffice administrator responsible for setting up who will see what data in their SmartOffice office. In this class, learn the difference between user assignment, user groups, proxies, Super Users and department/team hierarchies.

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